We have a vast variety of Synthetic PVC leather, our products cater to different markets and are replacing rapidly genuine leather because of its unique features. Be it Automotive, Furnishing, Healthcare, Luggage, Stationary, Footwear, or Fashion, we include specified characteristics to its PVC leather range to meet the usability grade.
A product intended to be used as a fill-in for leather in fields such as Automobile upholstery, vehicle trimmings, furnishing, and other uses where a leather-like finish is required, PVC leather is manufactured in a range of colors, embossing and finish depending on the area of application. We embarked on our journey as a major supplier to the automobile sector, it has also made a mark in fashion, footwear, furniture and upholstery, and the healthcare industry too.


Synthetic PVC Leather Cloth with custom-designed specifications for car seats, two-wheelers, Railways & Commercial Vehicles

At Vigour Group, we have an extensive range of Synthetic PVC leather for seat Cover material for Cars and Two-wheelers. With the increasing demands of automobiles, the fast growth of the automotive industry is quite obvious. Keeping that in mind we provide a wide range of Synthetic PVC leather for automotive upholstery which has an excellent grade for durability along with tolerance to fire and smoke.

Along with PVC leather we also produce PU Synthetic leather for the automotive sector, stylish seat upholstery is one of the most important parts of the experience that an automotive can offer, PVC leather is used in various other parts including door trims, steering wheel covers, gear boot, and knob covers, roof lining, sun visors, and hoods. Suitability of artificial leather in cars, buses, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and motorcycles worth it a great product for the automotive industry. Its high elasticity makes it extremely comfortable, and resistance to hot and cold temperatures, water, alcohol, and stains make it very durable and easy to maintain.


Synthetic PVC Leather Cloth for Home, Office, and Outdoor furnishing.

We offer a wide range of Synthetic PVC leather for the furnishing industry in a variety of colors, textures, finish, and feels, in leather and fabric look also. Our products are used mainly for upholstery in the form of chair covers, sofa covers, cushion covers, bean bags, etc for households, workspaces, offices, commercial establishments, and hotels. With Synthetic PVC leather, the furnishing industry has also been able to experiment with color and textures to a much greater extent and is able to create stunning new products.

One of the biggest consumers of Synthetic PVC leather is the furnishing industry, which has seen nothing short of an uprising ever since superior-high-quality PVC leather has emerged as a much more cost-efficient substitute to natural leather. The worldwide demand for PVC leather has observed a paradigm shift because of rising applications across the furnishing industry. The key contributing reason to that is the cost-efficient factor in comparison with natural leather. Synthetic PVC leather allows the furnishing industry to be more artistic with color and texture to a much larger extent.


Anti-Bacterial Synthetic PVC leather for Healthcare

The requirements of Synthetic PVC leather used in the medical industry are well defined as compared to the other industries. Color choices are not just limited to enhance the interior aesthetics but it has to do more with the patient’s healing and comfort. we have the largest range of synthetic leather used in the medical industry with safety standards.

The medical industry needs materials that go along with safety standards such as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, fire-resistant. With ultra-modern production facilities, we offer to top quality synthetic leather for the rising needs of the healthcare sector. The leather can be used in hospital furniture, dental chairs, stretchers, counseling chairs, mattresses, etc


Synthetic PVC leather cloth for bags, wallets, luggage, and other applications

We manufacture superior quality Synthetic PVC leather for luggage items which include suitcases, handbags, travel bags, purses, wallets, etc. Our end products are soft and flexible to face routine toughness. We are committed to producing durable materials that meet the client’s specifications and industry standards

We offer a separate line of synthetic leather for the luggage industry. Synthetic PVC leather is also customized with features such as anti-bacterial, fire resistance, and stain resistance.


Synthetic PVC leather for fashion clothing and accessories

We have numerous color options in PVC leather for the Fashion industry so that you are never out of style since bright vibrant color options, real leather look, feel, and wonderful textures allow our clients in the fashion industry to produce a creative and inventive range of stylish products.

Our Synthetic PVC leather range is used to manufacture an extensive range of garments, watch straps, belts, and other stylish accessories. Our range matches the look and feel of leather and also designed to be very long lasting. Most part of our range comes coated with a layer of PU to make sure that the product feels soft and supple and at the same time go with the leather look.


Synthetic PVC leather cloth for stationary.

We have a wide and inventive range of Synthetic PVC leather a cost-efficient option for stationery and novelty products, which has a huge application in making stationery items such as Folders, Diaries, jewelry boxes, File Covers, Folders, Corporate Gifts, and many more. Cost-effectiveness and durability make synthetic leather a lucrative option for stationery items.

Synthetic PVC leather for stationary is offered with different coatings which makes the product anti-bacterial, water-resistant, fire resistance, and stain-resistant. We also provide some of the range with PU coating so that the product feels soft and flexible along with the leather look.


Synthetic PVC leather for the Footwear Industry

We offer an exclusive range of Synthetic PVC leather which is uniquely designed to fulfill the current growing needs of the footwear industry.

Synthetic PVC leather is broadly used in the footwear industry because of the high durability, we produce PVC leather with PU for the footwear industry. We provide products for various parts of footwear and applications are formal shoes, sports shoes, sandals, boots, and women’s fancy footwear.

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